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08 January 2006 @ 03:29 am
Here's my new journal add link -----> http://www.livejournal.com/friends/add.bml?user=thistimeofnight, add me if you wish and unadd me as "allmappedout" but if you no longer want me on your friends list just remove me.
08 January 2006 @ 12:26 am
Ok today is my livejournal anniversery or whatever and in celebration I am thinking about deleting this journal, just because I feel a new journal would be best. Need to think of a name first (any suggestions would be appreciated) then shall let you know the name if you still want me on your friends list!

Been an interesting year, hope all are well!
Rachael x
25 December 2005 @ 12:17 am


Hope you all have a fantastic day!!!

10 December 2005 @ 04:02 pm
Urghh last night was like the worst night of my life. It was theme night and everything was good and fine, mum drove me up to school and I had all my outfit ready to put on when I got there, I had a drink of Smirnoff ice before I went and we were allowed two drinks when we got there. I met the others there and we went to the toilets to put on my outfit and it was spectacular - I had big angel wings, a fez, a too short rat suit, a waistcoat and my convereses on. When I went into the hall, everyone found it hilarious - it was brilliant :D It felt really good and I was so glad that I hadn't chickened out of it all! Anyway we went to get a beer and then were in the hall dancing and having a larff with everyone and I started to feel really hysterical and spazzy, my friends just thought I was faking for a larff but then I began to feel really ill - so we went to the toilets and apparently I collapsed. Then I started being really violently sick, mrs Deane came up the stairs and was trying to get me up right and they were all scared that I was going to choke on my sick (it was disgusting). My friends and Mrs Deane had to somehow undress me and put me in my jeans while this was going on, it only felt like 10 minutes but apparently it was an hour. Miss Moyes then came up :/ All I could hear was her going "Rachael, look at the state you're in, out of all the people I expected this from you would have been the last" I kept saying "I'm so sorry", I wasn't really aware at this stage I had lost my vision and I could barely hear and then I think I collapsed again - next thing I know some guy from Merchiston and Mrs D and M were carrying me down the stairs because I couldn't actually move, they got me into the fresh air and we waited for my mum and dad, apparently Mr P and J were looking at me like I was some sort of drunken scum ;___; Mum and Dad drove me to the hospital but I blacked out on the way and the next thing I know I'm in a hospital bed being wheeled to A and E. At hospital they breathalised me and dressed me in a gown, injected me and stuck on a drip. Turns out that they think I have had an unusual reaction to the antibiotics I was on and I wasn't even drunk. It was about 1 in the morning when I was sorted out and allowed to go home, went straight to bed and now feeling a lot better and healthy. But everyone thinks I was completly pissed out of my brains and apparently Miss Moyes wants to talk to me on Monday. No one knows apart from Laura and Fiona that I went to hospital and what was actually wrong. So on Monday I have to face up to all my teachers who will want to give me a bollocking for "completly unacceptable behaviour" and everyone in school wanting to know what happened. I am shitting myself about it, it's going to be embarrasing to put it mildly :/
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05 December 2005 @ 10:26 pm

Yay for Captain Sensible! I am being forced to update this thing by Astrido because she wants me to, but I have my new laptop now and it is very good and fast and I can now spend all my time watching soft cell videos on it. Yes, I like softcell, also going through a massive smiths revival again haha and captain sensible as well in case you didn't guess. I think I need lots of eighties cheese for christmas, someone buy me lexicon of love by ABC!! Oh London was really cool, that place is great what an atmosphere - I would post photos but I'm hiding in every single one because I hate getting my photo taken but it was fun we went to the houses of parliament, labour HQ and madame Tussaurds, I felt like such a tourist, but it was cool finally getting to see capital city. What else? Hmm went out to all the christmassy stuff in Princes street and had dinner with friends the other night which was fun apart from being shoved into a puddle. Anyways not sure what else to say I need to get back into the habit of this thing, I think I shall post something Shaun Ryder related or just make screen caps of Marc Almond, hmmmm....


P.S I like Duran Duran too :/

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12 October 2005 @ 11:14 pm
Sorry it's kinda been coming for a while, just as I catch up with all my NABS and school work. Plus I've been doing quite a lot outside school so I don't have a lot of time. Apologies for lack on comments but I am still reading entries and keeping up with all your things :D Haha I'll be back soon, not sure when, probs when this stuff dies down!
15 March 2005 @ 05:03 pm

Hello! Welcome sit yourself down and I'll make you a brew. This is a friends only journal just because they're are a lot of crazies on the internet and I want to protect my journal from that small percentage. Please leave a comment and no doubt that I'll add you straight away!

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